Working in Edinburgh city centre and having lived here for 20 years, i spend a lot of time walking around the city. It occurred to me the other day that the growth of the app economy and the now ubiquitous nature of smartphones is an area I think a city could really take advantage of. […]

Technology can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to kids. It’s great for education, homework, entertainment but like most parents, I worry it can become all-consuming. Some nights, i think a grenade could go off in my house and my kids wouldn’t look up from their phones or tablets. And as for […]

Mobile World Congress used to be pretty exciting (as much as tech conferences can be). Great new features were being announced, brand new looking phones were launched and sales rocketed. However, mobile phone technology seems to have, well almost stagnated over the last couple of years. Phones get slightly slimmer, slightly bigger screens, slightly better […]

It’s always sad when a business closes and people lose their jobs. Even if it’s an industry you’re not involved in or people you don’t know, it’s never nice to read or hear about. The news today about the Independent and Independent on Sunday moving away from print to be online only is kind of […]

For years, whenever there was a story about Internet of Things, Smart or Home Automation, the example used was always the smart fridge. It knew you were running out of milk, so either ordered you more or alerted you so you buy some. Cool, but maybe limited appeal and limited function. Part of the challenge […]

I wonder how many blogs have that title, or certainly that content, as their first post of 2016… Part of my problem is that I got to the point where I thought each article had to be world-changing, with an absolutely unique insight. At that point, it becomes too difficult to do it regularly, then […]

It’s been a tough few months for Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds. Back in April, it announced its first revenue loss since the game launched in 2009. Now it’s just announced a major restructure and job losses. It’s unlikely anyone reading this hasn’t played, seen or heard of Angry Birds. It was the pioneer […]

The NYT article on Amazon over the weekend was pretty interesting. Whilst it’s important in any company to encourage a culture of excellence, some of the practices do seem brutal and far beyond what most people would consider reasonable, However, there’s a really good counter-point review over at Slate. When you read that article and […]

Last week, I did some pretty normal stuff. Chatted with friends, caught up with the news, checked the weather, bought a few things, checked some pricing for something I’m thinking of buying, read a few game reviews, read some books / magazines and bought some more, bought some new music that I’d read about, recorded […]

Getting on for 8 months since I wrote a blog post !! Plenty of ideas in that time, but never seem to have had the time Will need to change that and get a more regular regime of posts. Makes me think though, what’s more important – engagement or content ? I could have written […]